5 New Moon Rituals Everyone Should Do

New Moon


Oh Luna, how beautiful you truly are.

You sit up there overlooking us, protecting us from space debris and rocks, as well as stabilizing our beautiful Earth’s gravitational pull.

It is undeniable how much influence the moon and its energy have on our lives.

The moon affects our ocean tides, animals, harvests, emotions, and even our bodies.

Without the moon in our sky, we would not be able to sustain life on this planet.

Throughout the ages, different cultures and tribes would use the Moon Phases as a calendar for planting, migrating, hunting, fertility, and birth. Women would link their menstrual cycles to the moon cycles to determine ovulation (full moon) and having their period (new moon).

Moon phases play a significant role in the different energies we receive throughout the month.

We are all very familiar with the full moon and its effects it has on humans and animals. We tend to go a little loco!

The New Moon, on the other hand, marks the beginning of the Lunar Cycle and brings forth the energy of new beginnings.


Here are 5 New Moon Rituals to take advantage of during this phase.


1. Clean

Yep, your favorite thing to do – clean! Clean up your room, home or desk. Get rid of the clutter and organize things for more flow in your life.  Let go of the clothes you haven’t worn in three years and make room for new exciting pieces. Go through the cabinets and take inventory of what you really need and get rid of the excess.

By making more space you allow the new energies to do its magic!

You can’t deny how much better you feel once you clean up. You instantly feel refreshed and lighter. This momentum complements the New Moon’s energies perfectly. The state of your surroundings is a reflection of your life. So declutter and let it flow!


2. Set New Intentions

This is the time for fresh starts, clean slates, and new beginnings.  This is also the best time to manifest!

Use the New Moon energies to boost your desires, dreams, and intentions.

This could mean starting a healthy habit, a different career choice, or embarking on a new adventure.

Design a plan and lay down a foundation for what you want to manifest in the next few months. Throw it out there into the Universe and have fun with it.

Devote your time and focus on your new goals and allow the shift to begin. Stay open and accept all the beautiful possibilities.

The new moon will favor your efforts so manifest wisely!


3. Start New Projects

If you have been kicking around a creative idea or concept, now is the best time to present or launch it.

The feeling of newness is in the air, so a great idea would be highly welcomed at this time.

Take advantage of the new moon energies and be brave, bold and fearless with what you want to bring to the table.

Launching starts the cycle of new opportunities to align with your idea to bring it to fruition. The New Moon energies will assist in the expansion and take it further than you could have ever imagined.


4. Open Yourself Up

Why is this one always the hardest?

In order to allow in the new, you need to make sure you let go of the old – old baggage, old grudges, old negative feelings, etc. The Full Moon energies are a great time to do this but if you missed that phase, you should let it go now.

This also includes ending toxic relationships, toxic habits, all that heavy gunk – just dump it now.  Look at it as recharging and rebooting your life. Make room for the new!

Allow your body, mind, and soul to be filled with positivity and a new outlook.

Open yourself up to love, forgiveness, and gratitude.  There is so much to be thankful for and we tend to forget that while we are hurting.

Use the loving support of the New Moon and rejoice in the new freedom that lies ahead of you.


5. Try Something Different

This is a good time to shake things up!  Maybe you have been thinking of starting a new hobby like painting, signing up for a dance class or learning an instrument.

Welcome new energy into your life like volunteering, getting involved with community events, or adopting a pet.

The New Moon phase is a time of being confident in changing for the better.

Take full advantage of what this world and lifetime have to offer. We are meant to have fun, create, and not take life so seriously.

Get out there and meet new friends, make new memories and enjoy this life.


The best part of the New Moon is that it happens every month!  You get to reset some goals, launch more ideas, and get rejuvenated all over again.

Here are some future dates so you can prepare and take full advantage.


Year 2022

January 2nd                July 28th

January 31st               August 27th

March  2nd                 September 25th

March 31st                  October 25th

April 30th                    November 23rd

May 30th                     December 23rd

June 28th


Go outside during the New Moon, look up and tell Luna all your requests and new intentions.  Breathe in the new energies and embrace it with an open heart. Express your gratitude to her and send her love and light. And allow the new cycle to begin.

Don’t worry about what your neighbors may think, you should see what they do during the full moon. :-)

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