Abundance – 5 Spiritual Ways to Change Your Mindset

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Abundance can come in many forms, including knowledge, health, success, wisdom, or luck.  However, for most people, abundance often means having money.

Are you struggling to attract abundance in your life?

Many desire financial abundance but struggle to understand how to attain it. We all want to live a happy, peaceful life without financial worries, but how do we achieve this?

What is the real secret to prosperity?

One approach could be working extremely hard, following the motto “work hard, play later.” Another approach could be the Law of Attraction, which suggests that like attracts like. Both methods can work well.

But what if I told you the secret isn’t materialistic or physical? Instead, it’s a shift in your mindset about abundance.

When you look at our reality, what do you truly see? With only our five senses, we tend to believe what we see, hear, feel, touch, and smell. But is that all there is?

The building blocks of the Universe are made of energy. Yes, that’s right—energy.

Everything in life, from nature to the chair you are sitting on, even you, is made of energy. The problem is that we cannot see energy with our eyes. Can you see molecules, atoms, or electrons moving in atoms?

Everything is always in motion; nothing stands still. Everything has a frequency and vibrates.

Just because we cannot see energy flow in the Universe doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

The cool thing is that we humans have the amazing gift of manipulating this energy. Unfortunately, many are unaware of how to harness it.

When energy flows smoothly, your body stays healthy. If the flow is interrupted, illness appears.

The same applies to your thoughts and emotions. Your feelings influence the energy flow. Negative thoughts block this energy.

Positive thoughts, on the other hand, unblock this energy, allowing it to flow freely, bringing health and vitality to yourself and your life.

5 Spiritual Ways to Get What You Want:

1. Stop Saying “I Need More Money”

Are you saying this out loud or in your mind? The fact that you’re saying this means your words, thoughts, and feelings are being sent out as energy into the Universe.

The Universe will give you exactly that—the feeling of needing more money. Not what you wanted, right? So, stop saying it!

2. It’s Not About the Money

Granted, this can be difficult to understand. Money is an energy exchange. The more you think about not having it, the more life throws you curve balls, making you experience more lack.

You create a block in the energy flow by holding onto a belief that doesn’t serve you.

Shift your thinking. Ask yourself, “What can I do with my God-given talents to help humanity?” instead of “What can I do to make money?” This different approach changes everything. The Universe is funny like that—once you stop obsessing about money, it starts to flow.

3. Start Living Your Life Purpose

Do you think you were born on a whim? No, you are here on purpose. Discover your life purpose by going within. When you align with your purpose, abundance flows naturally. Usually, it involves helping others in some way.

4. Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

Have you heard phrases like “Money is the root of all evil” or “I have to work hard to get money”? These are limiting beliefs. Beliefs are just that—beliefs.

You made them up in your mind. They are subjective and not objective. Take back your power.

Some beliefs are so deep that you don’t realize you’re blocking yourself from receiving abundance.

Reprogram your subconscious mind from these limiting beliefs, which can take about 21-30 days. Use affirmations, hypnosis, EFT Tapping, guided meditation, or 528 Hz music to clear them. Or simply recognize and rewrite your beliefs.

5. Feel Grateful

No matter where you are in life, being grateful is a huge step in aligning yourself with the abundance frequency. Gratitude is a high-frequency emotion.

Did you know that being grateful can decrease depression by 35%? Gratitude shifts our thinking from negative outcomes to positive, releasing feel-good hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

Take a moment to put your hands over your heart. Take a deep breath and be grateful for one thing or one person. Over time, add more to your list.

Write a list of your blessings. Soon you’ll experience peace in your heart. The point is not to take things for granted. You didn’t get this far in life without support. Like a kite cannot fly without the wind or someone holding the string!

For more tips on attracting abundance, it is advisable to also raise your vibrations. Check out our blog on 5 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations. 


These are 5 spiritual ways to change your mindset about abundance.

Embrace them and take control of your thoughts. Once your mindset shifts, your heart will feel lighter, you’ll attract more luck and happiness, and money will flow.

Go with the flow and, most importantly, have fun on your earthly journey!

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