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We are commited to guiding Lightworkers to Empowerment


Guiding Lightworkers to Spiritual Growth & Empowerment

Welcome to our About page, where we share our mission of guiding Lightworkers toward spiritual growth, self-discovery, and empowerment. Our empowering and healing programs are designed to help you uncover your inner wisdom and connect with like-minded souls.

Katana Kelly & Ana Reina

“It’s been such an incredible journey for us as we absolutely love what we do! We love guiding and helping others to empower themselves and to remember who they truly are. Just witnessing their remarkable change is heartfulfilling and so rewarding.”


Guardian of Light Energy Healer, Angel Communicator, Angelic Energy Healer, Metaphysical Practioner, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Life Coach and Consultant

From a young age, I’ve been communicating with angels, my Higher Self, Ascended Masters, and the Universe. I believed this was natural for everyone until I realized it was a unique gift. While societal pressures led me to pursue higher education and a career in global marketing, my true calling never left me. For decades, I explored metaphysical topics and maintained a deep connection with the Divine.

My angelic team has always gently nudged me towards my life mission, respecting my free will. It wasn’t until a personal health crisis that I fully embraced my purpose: to help others raise their consciousness and build a community of light and wisdom.

Today, I commit to guiding you on your journey of spiritual awakening and personal growth. Together with Ana, we offer techniques and methods to connect with your Infinite Creator and angelic teams. We are not gurus but teachers of light, love, and wisdom, dedicated to helping you unlock your highest potential and live a life of richness, love, and joy.

Welcome to this remarkable journey!

Our Commitment to Spiritual Growth for Lightworkers – One Soul at a Time

Personalized Coaching

Tailored guidance to unlock your highest potential to live the life you were meant to live!

Empowering Programs

Clear obstacles, align with your soul’s purpose and reach higher consciousness levels.

Community Support

Engage with like-minded souls for growth and inspiration. Experience the support knowing you are not alone.


Spiritual Educator and Consultant, Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Timeline & Vibrational DNA Mentor


The Inspiration Behind Our COACHING Program

Both of our lives led us to come together and help you live the best version of yourself. Why? Because we’ve been there. We both struggled, felt lost, and didn’t know where to begin to fulfill our personal and collective missions.

Although we each had our individual paths to follow, at the end of the day, we were destined by our souls to build this community of Light and Love.

Our journey may have taken years, but we were guided to create a coaching program that would expedite your journey. This program brings faster results in weeks versus years, heals past traumas, and helps you manifest a better life with clarity and purpose.

Start Your Journey Today

Take the first step towards a life of purpose and fulfillment with Soulmanity. Join us on this transformative path.

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