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Hello Beautiful Souls!

Soulmanity 101 is a heart-based website for spiritual and personal growth that focuses on the fundamentals and education of holistic living through spiritual enlightenment.  We created Soulmanity to remind you that you are a magnificent fragment of LOVE. Your True Self is actually your Body, Mind and Soul. All three multi-dimensional parts need to be in a conscious balance and work together in harmony. This will provide clarity for anyone to understand their passions and the reason we are here on Earth.

But why are we here? Many of us are way to focused on our bodies, our careers, or relationships. However, the time has come to nurture that little voice within you, your soul voice. You feel it, you feel there is something calling you from within to explore it! When you have this burning, then you know it's time to do something about it!

Soulmanity offers motivational, inspirational, and positive advice to encourage people to empower themselves to find their true-life calling, their life mission, and assistance during the Ascension process. We are here to help you ascend to your highest realm of possibilities. It also presents Dr. Katana's spiritual counseling services, the A.N.G.E.L. Method™, which is a formula to reach your highest potential in a short period of time as well as informative research to recognize and pursue your intended life purpose.

Katana Kelly

I'm Dr. Katana, nice to meet you! As an Empath and an intuitive person, I’ve always felt drawn to helping others. I’ve known from a young age that this was my calling, my life purpose – improving the lives of many, and moving humanity towards a better world!

Spiritual Life Coach, Angel Communicator, Guardian of Light Energy Healer & IHF Certified Hypnotist. MBA in Economics

There are no coincidences, only synchronicities! For some of you, this may be the beginning of your journey. I’m happy you are here!

Just a little back story. I’ve been able to “communicate” and hear my angels, Higher Self, Ascended Masters, the Universe/God, since childhood. I thought everyone was doing this but found early on that this wasn’t the case. So, I hid “my abilities” until much later in life.

As societal pressure mounted, I aimed to get a higher education as this seemed to be the “right thing to do”. I got an MBA in Economics and Global Marketing.

Although intrinsically I love to help people, I was more interested in helping businesses as a marketer than helping individuals. However, over the course of three decades, my calling kept circling around as I was always interested in the mysteries of the Universe. I stumbled naturally into all sorts of metaphysical topics all the while still communicating with God and the Universe.

My angelic team has always been with me, and has been poking me lovingly to open myself up. As we always have free will, they never will push you to do something you don’t want to do. But they will nudge you to remember why you are here on Earth, though.

So, one day they said, it's now time. It's time to focus on your life mission. I knew what my mission was. Help and teach others to bring their awareness to a higher consciousness level. And build an institute as well. Sure, easy peasy, right? No, no, no.... I was absolutely not ready for it. Because this was too scary for me, so I ignored it. I ignored it so much until I had a cancer. Well, needless to say, this really woke me up! I prayed and asked if I were to survive this, I would definitely change my ways.

Here I am, well and ready! Each one of us has a soul. We are actually multi-dimensional beings, experiencing a human existence. It is up to us how we want to create our experiences. We were never meant to struggle. The contrary, we have many tools that were given to us, and one of them is to connect and communicate with our Infinite Creator, with our Galactic or Angelic Teams.

With every blog, with every class, Ana and I will teach you techniques and methods on how to use them. Take what resonates with you. Both of us are not gurus, but we consider ourselves teachers of light, love and wisdom. We are here to help you elevate yourself to your highest potential, so you may live a life full of richness, love, and most of all - joy!

With love and light,

Dr Katana

We are the Soulmanity Sisters

Best Friends, Teachers, Angelic Healers, In Love with Humanity


Ana Reina

Hi, I'm Ana Reina, your Master Teacher and Spiritual Advisor. It has been an absolute pleasure fulfilling my life purpose. I'm here to guide and assist you to a better life!

MBA in Marketing, Spiritual Educator, IHF Certified Hypnotist & Numerologist

As a Spiritual Educator and a highly sensitive intuitive, I'm here to help inspire the greater good of humanity. My role is to help you understand this life and bring insightful perspectives to its purpose. We are all on a beautiful journey, remembering and discovering our fullest potential.

Like most people, I use to be lost in the hustle and bustle of life, just going through the motions and always on the go. So, I stayed busy as I wouldn’t be alone or have to think about any issues.

There was no self-love nor clarity, and I buried deep emotional scarring of years of childhood trauma that led to negative actions to others and myself. Most of the time I was extremely needy of other’s approval, especially in my destructive love relationships. I was a mess.

Through years of guidance from Katana and sincere soul searching, I began to see this beauty within. I realized I had so much to offer this world in this lifetime. It was time for me to embrace my calling and to stop ignoring it.

I began to tap into my intuitive gifts that led me to understand my life purpose. Strengthening my connection with the Higher Source became a priority. In order to elevate myself, I had to heal and let go of past pain, fear, and doubt. It took day by day and a whole lot of patience, forgiveness, and humility. All I knew was I wanted to feel and do better which kept me going.

We are all searching for inner peace and knowing. Listening to your soul and understanding your inner truth isn’t easy, especially if you don’t like what it is saying.

Soulmanity is here to help you, the best way we can, to get you closer to achieving that inner peace. To help you understand that you are loved, needed, and have gifts to share with humanity. You are capable of achieving a beautiful fulfilled life.

Embrace the spiritual solution that awaits you!

Much love and light my friends!


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