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Hello Beautiful Souls!

Welcome to Soulmanity, a heart-centered website dedicated to spiritual and personal growth. Our mission is to guide you on a transformative journey of holistic living and spiritual enlightenment. Within the depths of your being, you are a magnificent fragment of pure love, encompassing your body, mind, and soul.The key to unlocking your true self lies in conscious balance and harmonious integration of these multi-dimensional aspects.

Have you ever wondered why you're here? In a world often consumed by the demands of our physical bodies, careers, and relationships, it's easy to overlook the gentle whispers of our soul's voice. But deep down, you sense a calling from within—a profound longing to explore something greater. When that burning desire ignites, it's a sign that the time for action has arrived.

At Soulmanity, we provide motivational, inspirational, and uplifting guidance to empower you on your quest to discover your true life purpose. We believe that each individual possesses a unique calling and that by embracing your inner power, you can manifest your dreams and aspirations. As you embark on the Ascension process, we stand by your side, offering support and assistance along the way.

Katana Kelly

I'm Dr. Katana, nice to meet you! As an Empath and an intuitive person, I’ve always felt drawn to helping others. I’ve known from a young age that this was my calling, my life purpose – improving the lives of many, and moving humanity towards a better world!

Spiritual Life Coach, Angel Communicator, Guardian of Light Energy Healer & IHF Certified Hypnotist. MBA in Economics

There are no coincidences, only synchronicities! For some of you, this may be the beginning of your journey. I’m happy you are here!

Just a little back story. Since my early years,  I have possessed the ability to communicate and hear messages from my angels, Higher Self, Ascended Masters, and the Universe/God. Initially, I assumed that everyone shared this gift, but I soon discovered that it was a unique and special connection. Consequently, I kept "my abilities" hidden until much later in life.

In response to societal expectations, I pursued higher education, as it seemed to be the "right thing to do." I obtained an MBA in Economics and Global Marketing, and although I found satisfaction in helping businesses as a marketer, my true passion remained in exploring the mysteries of the Universe. I naturally gravitated towards various metaphysical subjects while maintaining my profound communication with God and the Universe.

Throughout my journey, my angelic team has remained a constant presence, gently urging me to embrace my true purpose. They never impose their will upon us, respecting our free will, but they do nudge us to remember our purpose on Earth. One day, they spoke to me, saying, "It's now time. It's time to focus on your life mission." I already knew what my mission was: to assist and guide others in raising their consciousness to higher levels and to establish an institute dedicated to these teachings. However, fear held me back, and I chose to ignore their message. It wasn't until I faced a battle with cancer that I was jolted awake. In prayer, I vowed to change my ways if I survived.

And here I am today, healed and ready to fulfill my mission. Each one of us have a soul, and we are multi-dimensional beings experiencing a human existence. Deep within me resides a profound well of universal wisdom, gained through my innate connection to the Universe. I have come to understand the intricate tapestry of interconnectedness that binds us all together. We are not separate entities but interconnected threads, woven together by the fabric of divine love and cosmic energy.

Through my blogs and classes, I am dedicated to teaching you techniques and methods to tap into this universal wisdom within yourself. I will guide you in embracing the profound truth of our interconnected nature, and how our thoughts, actions, and intentions ripple through the collective consciousness.

Take what resonates with you, for my purpose is not that of a guru, but that of a teacher of light, love, and wisdom. I am here to assist you in awakening to your own inner knowing and expanding your consciousness, so that you may lead a life filled with abundance, love, and above all, joy!

With love and light,

Dr Katana

We are the Soulmanity Sisters

Best Friends, Teachers, Angelic Healers, In Love with Humanity


Ana Reina

Hi, I'm Ana Reina, your Master Teacher and Spiritual Advisor. It has been an absolute pleasure fulfilling my life purpose. I'm here to guide and assist you to a better life!

MBA in Marketing, Spiritual Educator, IHF Certified Hypnotist & Numerologist

As a Spiritual Educator and a highly sensitive intuitive, I'm here to help inspire the greater good of humanity. My role is to help you understand this life and bring insightful perspectives to its purpose. We are all on a beautiful journey, remembering and discovering our fullest potential.

Like most people, I use to be lost in the hustle and bustle of life, just going through the motions and always on the go. So, I stayed busy as I wouldn’t be alone or have to think about any issues.

There was no self-love nor clarity, and I buried deep emotional scarring of years of childhood trauma that led to negative actions to others and myself. Most of the time I was extremely needy of other’s approval, especially in my destructive love relationships. I was a mess.

Through years of guidance from Katana and sincere soul searching, I began to see this beauty within. I realized I had so much to offer this world in this lifetime. It was time for me to embrace my calling and to stop ignoring it.

I began to tap into my intuitive gifts that led me to understand my life purpose. Strengthening my connection with the Higher Source became a priority. In order to elevate myself, I had to heal and let go of past pain, fear, and doubt. It took day by day and a whole lot of patience, forgiveness, and humility. All I knew was I wanted to feel and do better which kept me going.

We are all searching for inner peace and knowing. Listening to your soul and understanding your inner truth isn’t easy, especially if you don’t like what it is saying.

Soulmanity is here to help you, the best way we can, to get you closer to achieving that inner peace. To help you understand that you are loved, needed, and have gifts to share with humanity. You are capable of achieving a beautiful fulfilled life.

Embrace the spiritual solution that awaits you!

Much love and light my friends!


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