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2022 New Year

What to Expect for 2022

Let’s welcome 2022 with open arms. A lot of optimistic, positive love that comes with this New Year. Can you feel it? There is definitely a high vibing buzz about it that gives us some hope for a brighter year. Here is why it may feel that way… Most of us know that words carry […]

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5 Full Moon Rituals for Releasing

The Full Moon is a powerful lunar phase that can bring forth healing and releasing. Our beautiful Sun and Moon follow the Universal Law of Vibration stating everything is energy and has a vibrational frequency. Their phases as well as their positioning in the sky create vibrational frequency waves that influence our emotions, behaviors, and

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3 Things to Say When Manifesting

Manifesting is the energy of bringing something to fruition. It is bringing your thoughts, your vibrations, and your words into a visible reality.   It is understanding and using the Universal Law of Attraction to work for you. It is also the understanding of the Universal Law of Action.   And most importantly (and the toughest), is ‘knowing’the power of

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Take a Breather

Between work, relationships, family, and friends, life can get extremely hectic. Taking time out from a busy day is essential to keep your balance and your sanity! Give yourself a moment to just breathe. That’s right, just breathe deeply. Breathing deeply is beneficial to your body. It provides oxygen to our blood, cells, and brain. It

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