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Welcome to the Katana Institute

Are you seeking deeper understanding and personalized guidance on your spiritual journey? At the Katana Institute, we are dedicated to supporting awakened souls like you. Born from a desire to offer profound mentorship and deep insights into the ascension process, our institute is a sanctuary for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

The Katana Institute is a unique learning platform designed for enlightened individuals who are either beginning their spiritual journey or looking to elevate their existing practice. Regardless of where you are in your growth, our spiritual studies aim to illuminate your soul mission here on Earth.

Programs and Certifications
We offer a range of courses tailored to your spiritual needs, including Beginner, Advanced, and Mastery levels.

Additionally, we offer certifications for Angelic Coaches and Angelic Energy Healers.  Our specialized programs and angelic insights have empowered hundreds of souls to heal and reconnect with their true, authentic selves.

Our approach is personalized, ensuring that each individual finds their unique way of connecting with the Divine and enhancing their intuitive gifts.

Awaken Your Potential

Discover our services designed to support your spiritual growth and empowerment.


Our Spiritual Coaching sessions provide a personalized approach to your spiritual growth and development. With our guidance, you’ll discover new insights, heal past wounds, and align with your soul’s true purpose. This 1-1 mentoring will help you connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and spiritual guides.


Accelerate your personal growth with our Breakthrough Sessions. Designed to uncover and release deep-seated blocks, these transformative sessions focus on clearing the path for your soul’s journey. Experience profound shifts and revelations that will propel you towards greater self-awareness and empowerment.

EXPAND, Evolve and unite

Our program is designed to elevate your consciousness, enliven your spirit, and unite you with a community of like-minded souls. Through a combination of group activities, guided meditations, and collaborative learning, you’ll find support and inspiration as you navigate your spiritual path. Together, we rise.

our CERTIFIED programs

Explore our comprehensive selection of services that cater to a variety of needs, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Become a beacon of light as an Katana Angelic Spiritual Life Coach. This certification equips you with the tools to mentor others on their spiritual path, fostering growth, clarity, and divine connection. Inspire transformation and guide souls to their highest potential with angelic guidance.


Transform lives with our Angelic Energy Healer certification. Master the art of healing with divine energy, channeling angelic frequencies to clear blockages and restore balance. Help others experience deep healing and reconnection with their authentic selves through the power of angelic light.


Unlock abundance as a Prosperity Coach. This certification empowers you to guide others in manifesting wealth and prosperity through spiritual principles, especially in the 5th dimension and beyond. Learn to help clients shift their mindset, clear financial blocks, and attract abundance in all areas of life.



ascension I – a.N.g.e.l. Star program

Unlock your vibratory DNA and potential with our transformative Angel Star Program. Designed for those seeking profound spiritual growth, this nine-week journey offers personalized mentorship, powerful guided meditations, and deep insights into the ascension process. Heal past traumas, connect with your divine guides, and embrace your true purpose. Join a community of like-minded souls and experience swift, life-changing transformations. Step into your authentic power and shine brightly on your spiritual path.

ascension II – advanced SERIES

Embark on a profound journey with our Advanced Series, where we dive deeper into the mysteries of dimensions, timelines, and the 5th and higher dimension. Learn to activate your Merkaba and elevate your consciousness to new heights. This transformative program offers advanced teachings and practices designed to expand your spiritual understanding and abilities. Connect with higher realms, navigate through multiple timelines, and fully embrace living in the 5th dimension. Join a community of advanced seekers and unlock the secrets of the universe.


ascension III – MASTERy 1-3

Elevate your spiritual journey with our Master Classes, designed for those ready to explore the highest realms of consciousness. Dive into the 13th dimension, visit the Akashic records, healing domes, and connect with angelic beings. Gain profound insights into deeper frequency bands, advanced sacred geometry, and the amazing power of sound. These courses offer an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience, guiding you to the pinnacle of spiritual mastery.

Katana Institute Students and Coaches

If any of you have the chance, please take the opportunity and take any of the programs that the Katana Institute has to offer! I can honestly say that it changed my life for the better – a LIFE changer!

Betheny Fitzgerald Sprague

Journey Towards Light and Unity

Our Commitment to You:
Our courses are built on a foundation of profound knowledge and personal experiences. Much of the wisdom was gifted to Katana at birth, and her journey through life. She was continually guided and inspired. Through studying metaphysics and embracing life’s lessons, the Soulmanity Sisters have cultivated a sacred space designed to foster both individual growth and collective enlightenment.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?
If you are prepared to embrace your spiritual calling and move forward on your journey, we invite you to join our community. Connect with like-minded souls, gain invaluable insights, and discover the unique path that resonates with your heart.


Take the first step towards a life of purpose and fulfillment with Soulmanity. Join us on this transformative path.

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