Your Unique

Divine Blueprint


      ~ A Soul's Purpose ~

Uncover Your Unique Life Purpose with The Divine Blueprint Course

Did you know that every soul has a purpose, a reason for being?

Your birthday isn't just a date; it's the inception of your soul's journey on this Earth.


As an Infinite Being having a human experience, you have a unique purpose and life mission that is important as well as relevant to everyone else on this planet! 



The Divine Blueprint Course

This insightful course will help you discover your life purpose.

It explains the concept of your life path and how it is interconnected with your life lessons

and what your Soul truly desires.  

  • Discovering your life purpose is the first step in a new way of thinking about your life.
  • It will give you a fresh sense of direction and greater enthusiasm and commitment to everything you do.
    This course will show you how to find it.
  • It is easy-to-follow, straight-forward and practical.
  • It will give you the confidence and courage to follow through on your dreams.  
  • Its time to go to the next level...are you ready?



We provide mini videos so you can watch them on the go, and at your on pace. 

We also provided a handy workbook so you can take important notes and reference later if needed.

We make this easy to follow along and learn as you go.

The Soul's Journey

We all have heard there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason, right?  Sure we can write that off as another positive quote or cliche but its profound truth cannot be ignored. 

As a Soul, before emerging as a human avatar, you created your Blueprint. You decided the life experiences you would encounter on your journey.

Your Soul knows exactly what it has to accomplish in this lifetime.

 It set goals and determined certain adventures into achieving them. 

Wouldn't you want to know what that is?  

How that blueprint map looks like?

In this section, we look at how your blueprint was created

and what it means for you. 

This is a game changer.


Are you ready to figure out what you are meant to do?

We guide you to successfully calculate your Life Path and Pillar Numbers. 

Dr. Katana was angelically given specific directions on how to decipher your best vibrational combination within your Blueprint.   

There is a wealth of knowledge within your DNA that explains all your special gifts, talents, strengths and challenges. With this accurate evaluation you can access that information to reveal your Soul's goals and intentions in this lifetime.

What a time saver and relief to know if you are on the right track or need to change direction.  Instead of hitting the wall of doubt or resistance, this uncovered secret will help you maneuver your energies to work for you.  

Hustling through life is not the answer - ALIGNMENT is.


Now that you have learned your divine combination of awesomeness, it is time to see how that applies to your current life situation.  

Your personal year evaluation looks at the current year of your life cycle. Each year in your chapter of life has a vibrational energy that works best with your Soul's Blueprint.  Basically, knowing how the life cycle works and how to use it to your advantage will only give you an added energetic boost in winning this life game. 

For example, should you change careers? Sell your house? Move to another state?

End a relationship? Get married? Or start a business?  

Timing is everything - so let's see if you should.


To end this beautiful awe-inspiring workshop, we include one of Dr. Katana's powerful meditations. This guided meditation ensures a deep connection with the Divine and your Angelic Family.  

You are safe and aligned with your highest consciousness. 

Here you are given an opportunity to ask your Soul team what is your purpose.  

Receive confirmation and reassurance about your life direction and meaning. 

You will feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

How Does This Work?  Next Steps

Let's go ahead and get you started!

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    Once you create your account, you will have access to the course.  Make sure to download your follow along workbook before you begin, which is located on the Welcome Page.
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    You will have unlimited access to the course for 60 days after your purchase date.  
  • Step 4
    Personal Follow-up: After you go through your online class, you will have a 20 min ZOOM call with us to go over your results. At the same time, we will perform a vibrational assessment. 



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7-Day Guarantee

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This course has the potential to bring profound perspective to your life.  

We are confident that if you do the work, you’ll get enormous benefit from this course. And we’re happy to back that up with our  7-day risk-free guarantee.

If you do not resonate with anything after the first 7 days after purchase,  we will be happy to give you a refund. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team.

What Others are Saying






Thank you Soul Sisters for your wonderful class Discover your Divine Blueprint.  I used the class to better understand the meaning behind my own life and to adjust my thinking and actions to fit my purpose. I also figured out the life path numbers of all my family members so that I can better understand them and I can help them to reach their full potential. Thanks for all your insight.


It took me awhile to write this review because I will be honest, I was taken back in my discoveries. To the point, where I didn't believe it and thought I wasted my money.   But once I sat with it and started to back track and really be honest with myself, it began to make sense.  And it was all true.  I just needed to get my ego out of the way. I have a journey ahead of me but I must say thank you for putting me back on the right path.  


I wanted to thank you so much for this workshop. It was inspiring, encouraging, and eye opening. I have felt unsettled and feeling like my everyday work does not have much purpose for a while now and the assessment definitely encouraged me to open my heart to a new path.  I am excited to see what is coming my way and I will definitely keep you posted. :-)


Meet the Soulmanity Sisters

Join Holistic Spiritual Coach & Energetic Healer Dr. Katana and Master Teacher & Intuitive Spiritual Advisor Ana Reina, as they take you on a journey to connect your soul with the highest realms. 

As soon as they met, they knew they were soul sisters contracted to help people find their true-life calling. Through Angelic divine guidance, they have created techniques and insightful perspectives to help soulful beings remember their life purpose. 

Join the Soulmanity Sisters as they will help elevate your awareness and awaken your power within!

Soulmanity Sisters


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