Discover Your Life Path Number and What it Says About You

Did you know that the day you were born was not random, but rather on purpose?  Your life path number can give you some insights on your journey here on Earth.

Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician who lived from 569-470 B.C., is said by many to be the originator of much of what we call numerology today.

The actual origins of numerology predate Pythagoras, the most popular being the very old Hebrew Kabbalah. Many ancient cultures used numerology, and Pythagoras improved those ancient forms of numerology to create the rules found in numerology today.

Numerology is the study of the meaning of numbers, and the influence they have on life. Since numbers are the Universal language of all beings, it is, therefore, a tool to guide you towards your higher purpose.

The most important of all numbers is your Life Path Number, which gives you:

  • An insight into the direction you’ll take in your life
  • Your lifelong lesson
  • Innate gifts and strengths
  • Your ultimate mission for this life
  • How to navigate throughout your journey for a happy and successful life

How to Add Up Your Life Path Number:

Manually adding your numbers:

Here is one method I tend to use, although there are many variations to add up your birthdate to achieve this final number, however, doing so many life path readings I consider this is the best method to do it:

As an example — Birthdate: 02/26/1973

First, add up each date separately. Add them using the single digits of the date.Like this:

0+2 = 2

2+6 = 8

1+9+7+3 = 20

If one of your numbers ends up as a double-digit, you still need to reduce it down to a single-digit.

Let’s take 20, that would be 2+ 0 = 2

So now your numbers should read like this: 2/8/2

To get to your Life Path Number, all you need to do is add those three numbers:

2+8+ 2 = 12  Again, you must reduce numbers to a single-digit.

1+ 2 = 3

Your Life Path is a 3

The only exception to reducing it down to a single number is 11, 22, and 33. These numbers are considered Master Numbers. These numbers stay as is in the addition process.

Let’s take November 22, 1993 — 11/22/1993

11/ 22/ 1+9+9+3 = 22

11+22+22 = 55 Then reduce down to a single digit.

5+5 = 10 continue to reduce down to single-digit

1+0 = 1

You are a Life Path 1

Or you can use this handy Life Path Calculator:

Life Path Calculator

Your Birthdate:


Quick Overview of Life Path Numbers:

Life Path 1 – The Leader

As a leader, you are self-motivated and very independent. With this life path theme, you are a natural-born leader. Full of enthusiasm, determination and drive you can take charge of any situation.

You are highly original, extremely creative, and you can accomplish a great deal when you put your mind to it.

When you have that intuitive moment of inspiration, that creative vision, you can achieve anything you want.

You actually are at your best when under pressure. When you are confronted with obstacles, you are the one who will take charge.

You possess the innate talents to be an entrepreneur, inventor, innovator, pioneer or visionary.

What you seek is respect. You will do great if you have your own business. Even if you partnered up with someone please be sure to have a 51% stake in your company. Otherwise, it will not work out to your benefit.

Whichever field you choose, it’s best for you to work independently where you get to do your own decision-making otherwise it will lead for you to be unhappy.

You are here on Earth to use your assertiveness and ambitions wisely. Use your leadership skills by guiding others lovingly. However, try not to fall into a trap of your ego.

Try not to look upon others, but rather be an inspirational mentor and leader to others. Also, you are born with all the skills so there is no need to doubt yourself constantly.

Whenever you are in doubt, ask yourself, what is it that I always wanted to be? How can I use my leadership abilities to make a dent in this world? You will be more laser-focused once you learn to go within to receive answers. This is how you will be able to achieve your highest goals!

Life Path 2 – The Supporter

Being generous, good-natured, caring, and passionate, with this life path you bring the best out of yourself and others!

You love harmony and dislike conflicts. You love to nurture and therefore take care of people around you as well as animals.

Often others seek you out for information, help or advice. You are innately a natural negotiator, diplomat, advisor, liaison, humanitarian, social worker, or coach. That’s because you use your empathic abilities wisely as you can see many sides of a story.

In turn, you use your ability to see the truth therefore, you can easily settle disputes and to the fairness of all involved. Your true powers lie in cooperation with others and the collective group.

You embrace the slogan “There is no I in Team” because you truly care about others. Another characteristic is that you are the best team member and cheerleader any group can have.

One of the best traits you have is that you have an impeccable eye for beauty and a fine sense of balance and rhythm. Your love for music and the arts requires a harmonious environment.

With your healing capabilities, especially in such fields as massage or acupuncture, you could also do great in physical therapy or counseling.

Your challenge is to leave your heart wide open. This means not to carry emotional baggage. Being grateful for every lesson and learn to forgive is part of your path. Because this life path is all about love and love for humanity.

First, you would need to learn, if you haven’t done so thus far, is to love yourself. After always taking care of others, it’s now crucial to learn it in this lifetime to find balance.

Love yourself first. As you become whole from within, you then turn your love towards humanity.

You then are fully capable of bringing much beauty, harmony, and inner wisdom to many.

Your light shines so brightly it can be seen from many dimensions. This is when you are the happiest as a true beacon of light!

Life Path 3 – The Artist

The main goal for a Life Path 3 is to inspire, teach and/or motivate others. Your divine purpose in life is to express yourself whether through ideas, feelings, and thoughts.

You possess amazing communication skills and you love to be connected to people.

People are drawn to you with your positive outlook in life. You are usually very optimistic, full of life and easy-going! You have great social skills, and you are here to share your inventive talents and gifts with the world.

With this life path, you are here on Earth to make a dent with all your innate abilities.

Therefore, you may be drawn to any creative endeavor – in business, science or the arts.

As an awesome communicator, you can and should express yourself through the spoken word, music, writing, singing, composing, photographing, acting, drawing, or designing.

Whatever you create it will resonate with others. This world needs people like you!

On another note, you are also very caring and are extremely aware of other people’s emotions.

You might be an empath. With this sensitivity, you can tap into the unseen world, and you use this ability to your advantage as a spark for your creativity, igniting your imagination.

The world is a stage and you are the actor. Everything will always fall into place for you if you give it enough imagination!

Many of you with this life path feel an urge to teach or mentor.

And the outgoing types among you, you might even become very successful as public speakers! Whatever you do, stay creative one way or another, otherwise, drama might creep into your life.

This is when you know that you are off your life path. So, get back into being creative, and always stay true to yourself!

Life Path 4 – The Builder

If you have this life path, then you belong to an elite of one of the most multi-talented people and creative thinkers we have on Earth!

As a natural genius for planning and building, you have the foresight and intuitive knowing on how to fix things or make things, concepts, projects, and situations better.

Just like a house that needs a foundation to build on, you are the cornerstone of society being one of the most trustworthy, practical, and down-to-earth of individuals. That is why having this life path will give you the nickname “The Builder of Society”.

You also have a thirst for knowledge and have a strong need to help people around you. Sometimes you are even drawn to chaos, because this is where you shine, rolling up your sleeves to bring order, stability, and organization.

You always find creative ways to optimize the world around you as you easily turn ideas, concepts, and designs into something tangible. Not many people have this ability, and that is why you may get called upon to finish what others have started.

There may be times you feel impatient or when you start a project all you see is this huge mountain of work. Then you have the tendency to easily become distracted, you may feel overwhelmed or even procrastinate.

Take a deep breath and go step-by-step. Whip out your to-do-list, and get your ideas out on paper. This will help you to organize your thoughts. Remember you are the builder! So, you must build a solid foundation first. Nevertheless, you have huge potential for success.

Although most of the time you have a decisive, methodical, systematic, step-by-step rational approach to problem-solving, you can be very creative and can improvise to get things done.

This is a natural talent you possess and people around you are always amazed by how you came to solutions by thinking out of the box!

The only thing you need to be mindful of with this life path is not to skip any steps. With all your creative ideas, organizational skills and knowledge, you cannot be in haste.

Sometimes you might see the end result with your pilot vision, and you choose to skip steps, this is when projects fall apart. You cannot skip steps.

Once committed to something though, you have the drive to see it through, and your hard work will be rewarded! Then the sky is the limit, you can achieve enormous success, prestige, and even fame.

Life Path 5 – The Adventurer

Adventurers are here to experience life to the fullest! You are freedom-loving, have an abundance of talents in every direction, and have the capability of accomplishing almost anything you dare to take on.

You love adventure, travel, taking risks, meeting new people, and exploring new territories.

Being very communicative you also would do well in sales, travel industry, public relations, or politics.

Some of you may choose to actively work to restore order and protect humanity by serving the higher good.

As one of the most freedom-loving people on Earth, you are also very compassionate, a progressive thinker, naturally versatile, extremely flexible and you do very well with change.

Actually, change is your middle name! Most people will fall apart when confronted with change, but you take it with stride. The only thing you ask for is that life is not boring.

You are a happy-go-lucky person, living for today, and not worrying too much about tomorrow. That’s because you were born to be a really lucky soul and are gifted in so many ways.

Since you want to experience so many things, you can be easily distracted, pulled in various directions, and sometimes blocking yourself from attaining your goals.  Then you may be restless, impulsive and move around a lot without achieving anything.

However, the key to success is to find balance (the grass is not always greener on the other side). As multitalented as you are, the goal is to stay focused and use discipline by committing to a cause or goal then you will persevere.

Go out into the world and experience what you want or need to experience.

But then choose something, anything that you want as you have all the capabilities within you to achieve anything in life!

Life Path 6 – The Counselor

Your love for beauty and harmony is second to none. These are some of the terrific characteristics have. You are an extremely loving, warm, understanding and compassionate person. Many see you as community-oriented, reliable and very gifted!

Empathy, sympathy, balance, and responsibility are the main elements of this life path. You are here on Earth to serve others with your loving nature.

In essence, you are a humanitarian, always helping your fellow man, family, friends, and even animals.

It is important to establish harmony either in the home environment, work, or relationships. You dislike anything ugly, harsh words, and hate confrontations.

Since you have the ability to have empathy, you are great at communicating between two parties as a counselor or mediator. Friends, family even strangers will come to you for advice.

You enjoy being of service to others as you are the ultimate nurturer and caregiver. It makes you happy when you feel needed and helpful.

Occupations that would work well would include interior designer, decorator, hair and makeup artists.

The task in life is to develop the tools necessary to be truly helpful to others. You would also do well in any endeavor that requires kindness, patience, tolerance, generosity and caring.

As such, you would be an excellent natural healer, naturopath, homeopath, massage therapist, veterinarian, doctor, or any occupation within the health industry.

The only thing to be mindful of is not to get too overwhelmed with taking care of others. Your heart is so huge, you might be taken advantage of. Therefore, it’s important to learn to set boundaries. You need to learn balance.

Nevertheless, this world needs more people like you to spread beauty, harmony and bring tranquility to humanity for the greatest good of all!

Life Path 7 – The Philosopher

This is one of the most spiritual numbers and you came to Earth with a gift for investigation, research, analysis.

You are also equipped with very deep spiritual wisdom. Therefore, you are very good at observing people and situations with amazing accuracy.

One of your best traits is that you possess a fine mind and are devoted to investigations into the unknown.

You feel you need to find the answers to the mysteries of life. That is why you may be drawn to religion, metaphysics, spirituality or science.

Being curious, getting to the bottom of things, you truly have a desire to know how things tick. There is this deep thirst for finding the truth. It’s not a coincidence that you are a Truth Seeker!

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to get an answer to the big questions of life or finding truth in everyday situations.

Your antenna is so finely tuned that no one can lie to you, you definitely will pick up the energies of the other person trying to fib you! You are not gullible and in essence, you are a truth seeker!

With a life path 7, you are at your best when you work alone, that’s because you need solitude to get things done. You need peace and quiet.

Therefore, any work where you can work independently, perhaps as a scientist, physicist, researcher, investigator, detective, technical writer, journalist, film editor, philosopher or psychologist would suit you very well.

Your intuition is very strong, and your hunches usually prove to be accurate. You should always follow your gut and instincts as you are guided by your internal wisdom.

All humans have the ability to be guided by their internal guidance but the 7’s know how to use it to their advantage! If you haven’t uncovered how to use your internal GPS, you will be bent to find out!

The challenge with this life path is to have faith, and without it, you will be truly unhappy.

Your goal is to remember your inner wisdom, turn around and give back your knowledge to others.

Life Path 8 – The Philanthropist 

One of the very best Life Paths to have, yet also, one of the most difficult ones as well. There is a little Catch 22 with this Life Path.

The life lesson for this group is to establish financial security. Your ultimate goal is to accumulate wealth, turn around and become a philanthropist. After taking care of yourself, give back your wealth for the greater good.

You are naturally attracted to positions of influence and leadership. You have excellent executive abilities. Occupations in business, finance, law, commerce, and politics are all a great fit for you.

The sooner you realize that you have these leadership abilities within you and that you can make a dent in this world, the faster you will be on track towards your life mission. And you will be able to manifest abundance quite easily.

However, there is a fine balance you have to learn to maintain. On the one hand, it’s easy for you to work with power and recognition. You are armed to lead, direct, organize, and to govern because you are goal-oriented and ambitious. This life path produces many powerful, confident, and materially successful people.

On the other hand, being too powerful or thinking too much about money, will tilt the scales unfavorably. This is where you need to be very careful.

If you are not aligned with your life path or are always chasing after money, you will achieve the exact opposite of what you want. Some of you will experience a roller-coaster ride or hardship pertaining to money. However, once you learn to let go, then your situation will turn around for the better.

You would need to learn that money can only come easily to you when you actually don’t think too much about it. Kind of a paradox, isn’t it?

That’s because this Life Path has a lesson. It’s about energy exchange. You are supposed to use all your innate abilities to serve the greater good, and give back.

Your thinking should not be, how can I make money, but rather, what can I do with my abilities to help the greater good. Then the money will flow effortlessly. This is the key to your success!

Once you figure that out your next challenge is to feel and be rich in all aspects of your life. Being rich is not necessarily a monetary aspect, as many people believe, but rather you may be rich with knowledge, rich with health, rich and blessed with amazing friends and family members. Gratefully incorporate all these aspects into your life, and you will be so fulfilled!

Your mission is to learn to balance and handle your success with benevolence and exceptional leadership.

Life Path 9 – The Humanitarian Leader

This is an idealistic life path and one that all of us should strive for.

Not only are you one of the most generous and compassionate people walking on the face of this planet, but you are extremely trustworthy, have the moral compass for what is right or wrong – at least in your perspective.

You have a self-less attitude, are passionate and you always root for the underdog!

It’s important for your personal growth that you learn to stay grounded and attuned to the more simpler things in life. Material things are not as important to you. Hence, if you could, you would sacrifice money, time, and energy to attain a better world.

So many people with this Life Path 9 are incredibly multi-talented. You can do anything you set your mind to!

However, due to your strong social consciousness, you can be an effective politician, lawyer, judge, minister, teacher, healer, or environmentalist. Vocations that have a clear positive social impact are common in this life path group.

One of your challenges is to learn to let go of material possessions and relationships that do not serve you anymore. Learning that holding on too tightly to anything will cause you pain.

As you are very intuitive, you need to listen to your gut at all times.

The most successful and satisfying road for this life path is by giving and sharing for a larger goal without expecting anything in return. You are indeed a true humanitarian, and you make this world a better place for all of us!

Keep on leading the way and we thank you for inspiring us!

Life Path 11 – The Master Motivator

If you have Life Path 11, then you are very unique, sensitive, and intuitive.

In fact, you are the most intuitive of all numbers. You easily notice other people’s feelings immediately, even if they are trying to cover them up.

No one can fool an 11!

You also have the capability to look behind the scenes, and you can unravel and get to the root cause of things. People will wonder how you “knew”, but that is your gift.

As a master motivator, you are here to inspire and illuminate many to make positive changes in their lives.

With your empathy, higher intuition, and spiritual insights, you will be able to use your gifts of intuition and uplifting for the greater good.

Have you ever wondered why people are magnetically drawn to you?

That’s because you are spiritually aware, charismatic, a dreamer and an idealist! You can be a deep thinker, and you will do well to always rely on your inner guidance rather than logic.

Since your mind can go a mile a minute, your goal is to stay focused.

Be careful not to bring your 11 energies to low, otherwise, you can become unreliable, selfish, and even irresponsible.

But used properly, you can set a goal and others will follow you. If the goal is for the greater good, it will benefit not only you but for humanity.

Life Path 22 – The Master Builder

As the higher of the two master numbers, the 22 life path is an extremely powerful path to be on. It is basically a higher version of the Life Path 4 – The Builder.

The 4’s are great builders as well. The difference, metaphorically speaking, is that a 4 will build a home but you have this innate urge to build a village! Master Builders are here to build something big that will serve the common good or humanity in some significant way.

Since you possess many gifts and talents, you can reach any heights in life. In fact, you can turn the most ambitious dreams into reality to make this world a better place.

You have immense potential as a leader, organizer, builder, director, politician, or entrepreneur. In essence, anything you put your mind to, you will achieve. Another trait you have is the ability to “see” far into the future, even noticing trends before they even become a trend.

However, this vibrational number is also one of the most difficult life paths to live up to. That’s because you may feel overwhelmed at times and you feel that you are not able to muster up the courage to go big.

Just know that the Universe is always helping you. Giving you inspirational ideas. You get excited, but then you see this huge mountain of all the things you need to do. This is what stops you from going the extra mile instead of pushing through with that excitement!

Embrace it! It’s ok. You need to know that you are completely capable of making dreams come true. Just like the 4, you have to go step-by-step. You cannot miss a step. If you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath. Break tasks up into smaller units.

It’s like going on a hike. Once you concentrate on your steps, then all of a sudden you are on the top of the mountain!

You are an extremely practical person. It doesn’t hurt that you are multi-talented and idealistic! You surely have this amazing inner strength. It’s best to stay grounded at all times and use your will-power wisely.

Again, just remember that you too need to take things step-by-step. Learn to direct your energies towards large projects which will benefit the greater good. This is where you will shine, and all your dreams can come true!

Life Path 33 – The Master Lightworker

Master Life Path 33 is indeed one of the rarest life paths to embark on. As this is also probably one of the most rewarding yet one of the most difficult life paths to have, only an extremely highly evolved soul would ever have chosen this life path.

Your life path signifies that you have the Master Motivator 11 as well as the consciousness of the Master Builder 22 incorporated.

As a Master Lightworker, you are here to bless humanity with your brightest light and to uplift the Earth’s consciousness with your innate gifts and insights.

Your main goal is to be service to others in an altruistic way. Many of you with this life path become Spiritual Leaders, Enlightened Teachers, Divine Messenger, Medium, or Natural Healers.

You are an empath, a creative communicator, generous, humble, kind and you have that one-of-a-kind charisma. You are here to inspire the masses and help many but be careful not to overdo it to the expense of your own welfare.

Over the course of your life, you will learn various tools to be truly helpful to others. Balance is key and you would need to learn to always keep your ego in check by befriending your soul and ego.

Once you find that balance and have enough experience (this may be much later in life from your 40’s onwards), then you will start to soar. With your charisma and devotion, you will have all the resources you would ever need to make this world a better place.

Please take note that your foundational vibrational energy is a 6 (3+3), this is a “service to others” life path theme, which you may always fall back to.

However, if you truly choose to go down the path of Mastery, then you will feel gratified and highly joyous as you embark and embrace your higher-level service to others with open arms.

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