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You cannot expand and reach higher divine connection without understanding how important it is to protect and ground yourself every day, especially in meditation.

Even with practice and the best intentions, you can still leave yourself open. The truth is where there is light, there is darkness. 

You need to make sure you are safe and secure. The Angels have said it is a must and that is why we are reinforcing the fundamentals. 

This class is jammed pack with so many successful and effective techniques that you will not find anywhere else.  

This is a great class for empaths, highly sensitives, mediums, energy healers, and for anyone who is needing protection and a stronger connection. 


So you are finally “waking up”.  Yay!

Whether it was because of a harsh awakening trigger or an unmistakable pulling at your heart that you can no longer ignore…You are here. 

You want to know and feel more.  Get some answers.  You finally understand there is more to this…but what? And why?

All of that is the Awakening process of sorting these overwhelming feelings, the undeniable signs and synchronicities, the loving nudges, and unexplained physical symptoms that make you feel like you are going crazy. 

Here we gently explain what and why that is and how to embrace your transformation.  


This is not your typical chakra cleansing class.  

We take you deeper in the understanding of how your chakra communication system is connected to your overall wellness and soul. 

These powerful energy wheels do more than just spin. They can help heal, direct your shadow work, send you divine messages and triggers, and boost your alignment with Source. 

 Let's embrace this unexplained phenomenon that is within you. 


This is an incredible Transformational Meditations Experience.  

It is a complete series that will empower and unlock the secret wisdom that is waiting for you. 

We have compiled 4 powerful meditations that will take you beyond your comprehension of Universal expansion and allow you to explore aspects of yourself, your Soul, your Angelic Team and the Higher Dimensional levels. 

Whether you are a beginner or have successful practice with meditation, this amazing journey of deep connection with the Divine is awe-inspiring and life changing.  



There are power sources that we have been given to help us in this journey. 

These ultimate power sources are tools and guidance mechanisms that you can tap into to elevate your daily life.  

This 3 part series covers what you have instant access to internally, externally as well as overall to create a better reality for yourself.

We gathered this information for you in one place, so you don’t have to search here or there to piece it all together – it’s all right here in this class.  Simple and straightforward. 

You came here in this lifetime more prepared than you realize.  Let's find out!



We've all been there, asking all these big questions. 

Why am I here? What is my purpose?  What am I supposed to do?

Wouldn't it be great to know what your Soul had planned for this life journey?  What you discover may shock you!

With special feedback and personalize guidance from the Soulmanity Sisters, discover how to make sure you're on path and make the most out of this extraordinary life.

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