A Beautiful Lion's Gate Portal Meditation

for You!

The process of the Lions Gate cosmic event 

is already on its way. 

Officially opening on July 28th, the Sun, Star Sirius and the Orion belt began to move into alignment.

Every year the portal is activated once they all have fallen into place on 8/8. 

It's important that we take advantage of this portal's transformative light codes, abundance boosting vibes, and the heightening of our intuitive senses. 

In celebration of this powerful energy enlightenment, Dr. Katana is releasing her amazing guided meditation of the Higher Dimensional Universal Banks. These Universal Banks include the Temples of Healing, Abundance and Wisdom. 

Follow along her incredible journey as you visit each Universal Bank using divine manifesting frequencies to align and upgrade your vibrational DNA. 

You can begin doing the meditation now and take advantage of each day as these heightened energies are available. 

Once you make payment, an automated email will be sent with the link to access the meditation.  You may listen to the meditation as much as you like.  It is  available until August 12th when the portal officially closes. 

Happy Manifesting!

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