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Go beyond and expand your consciousness

Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to finally connect with the Divine and go beyond what you thought was possible?

We have heard every challenge and obstacle when it comes to meditation.  Too much mind chatter, not have enough time, the continuous distractions, can't find a quiet place, the never ending to-do list...yes we can sympathize with all that.  

And if and when you do meditate, you may have difficulty hearing messages or seeing your angels or guides. You may even begin to doubt what you are receiving or feel you are making it all up.
Yes, we totally understand. 

So we decided to make this incredible meditation experience easy and effortless for you. 


Our 4 Guided Meditation Series

  • Whether you are a beginner or have successful practice with meditation, this journey of deep connection with the Divine is indescribable.
    We have compiled 4 powerful meditations that will take you beyond your comprehension of Universal expansion and allow you to explore aspects of yourself, your Soul, your Angelic Team and Higher Dimensional levels.
  • PLUS, you will receive 1 BONUS meditation to assist in a stronger connection with grounding to make your divine experience even more elevated.
    We are simply helping you to unlock the wisdom that is already inside you. 
  • Transform your mindset towards greater success and achieving happiness.  



Since we are multi-dimensional beings and everything is happening in the NOW, we have access to our past, present, and future selves at this exact moment. 

Here in this divine connection, we focus on tapping into your Future Self.  Let’s connect with the one version of you that has already had this experience. The version of you that has done it and can share some wisdom on how to do it right.  

Buckle up as we travel into the future and see what unfolds for you. 

Hallway of Doors

Do you ever feel that there are many areas in your life that need so much work and attention? There never seems to be enough time to try to figure out which aspect of your life is more important than the other.  

Trying to find balance in your life can be overwhelming.

Perhaps instead of trying to figure out what is best for you to work on, let’s ask your Soul.   The Soul knows your spiritual journey and can help guide you to understand which area of your life needs the most attention at that moment.

In this amazing guided meditation, you will find yourself being nudged to open up the best door and meet your GUIDES to help you with that aspect of your life. You will be surprised by what may be revealed. 

Your Soul always knows what’s best.  Let’s see what it has to say. 


Archangel Raphael is the chosen Angel by our Infinite Creator to help us with overall healing for the body, mind and soul. 

Over time on Earth, our pristine bodies get weighed down with toxins (environmental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc). Even the best computer needs an upgrade, so does your body! 

Archangel Raphael is here to help us live a healthy life, empowering us to overcome challenges and blocks, and inspire us to release emotional burdens. 

With this guided meditation you will be able to connect with Archangel Raphael, a higher Being of Healing, who will take you to the Temple of Healing on the 12th dimension. 

You will leave with a warm honey feeling, knowing that the Angelic Realm will be taking care of you and your body has been upgraded!

Manifesting WEALTH

This transformational guided meditation will help you change your internal belief system about manifesting wealth.

The secret to money is believing you are worth it! Unbeknownst to us, deep down, subconsciously, we do not think we are worth it.

This fun and easy to follow meditation will help you overcome those obstacles!

Are you ready to attract and receive unlimited blessings?

How Does This Work?  Next Steps

You will receive 1 GUIDED MEDITATION per week in your inbox. This will give you plenty of time to listen to it everyday and reflect on your connection and messages. 

  • Step 1
    After your payment, you will receive instant access! Kartra, our online platform provider, will send you an email with log in information to set up your account. Please make sure to add Soulmanity to your email contact list. 
  • Step 2
    Once you create your account, you will have access to your first week's meditation and the BONUS meditation. 
  • Step 3
    Every week you will receive an email notification, letting you know your new meditation is available.  You will have 45 consecutive days from your purchase date to use the meditations before your access closes.   

Our Transformational Meditations Experience

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4 Powerful Meditations that expand your consciousness and help transform your mindset. 


7-Day Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

These meditations have the potential to bring profound perspective to your life.  

Over and over again, our students have repeatedly shown that when they keep practicing, they were able to meditate and successfully connect with the higher dimensional realms. 

We are confident that if you do the work, you’ll receive enormous benefit from this Transformational Meditations Experience. And we’re happy to back that up with our  7-day risk-free guarantee.

If you do not 'sense' anything after the first week's meditation,  we will be happy to refund your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team.

What Others are Saying


"Thank you so much!  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I feel more energized and happier - just a jolly good feelin'!"



"I was never able to truly understand or practice any sort of meditation until I met the Soulmanity Sisters. Every meditation I tried felt too “above my scope of understanding,” or “out there.”  As someone who suffers from anxiety, I was always envious of those who were able to meditate regularly. Now, I have learned to let-go, visualize, trust my intuition, most importantly, pay attention to the details that uncover themselves through my meditations.  Not only have I finally been able to experience the greatness and peace that comes from meditation, but Kat has such a calming, easy-to-follow way of practice that it’s easy to become addicted!"



"I really love the guided meditations offered by Soulmanity. They have helped me in my ascension journey. It was challenging when  I first began meditating but with Dr. Katana’s soothing voice, I was able to meet my Angelic guides and my meditations are so fulfilling now."


Meet the Soulmanity Sisters


Join Angel Communicator, Holistic Spiritual Coach & Energetic Healer Dr. Katana and Master Teacher, Intuitive Numerologist, and Spiritual Advisor Ana Reina, as they take you on a journey to connect your soul with the highest realms. 

As soon as they met, they knew they were soul sisters contracted to help people find their true-life calling. Through Angelic divine guidance, they have created techniques and insightful perspectives to help soulful beings remember their life purpose. 

Join the Soulmanity Sisters as they will help elevate your awareness and awaken your power within!

Soulmanity Sisters

DISCLAIMER - Do not operate heavy machinery, drive any vehicles, drink alcohol, or take any drugs while listening to these meditations.  Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. These Guided Meditations are not a substitute for appropriate medical attention. We cannot and do not give you medical advice. The meditations on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Always consult your physician or therapist when considering using a meditation product. 

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