"Step Into the 1/11 Portal:

A Transformative Meditation Experience for Empaths and Lightworkers

Unlock Your Spiritual Potential and Manifest Your Deepest Desires

Welcome to a journey like no other. The 1/11 Portal Meditation is specifically crafted for those who feel deeply, love profoundly, and seek to connect with the universe on a higher level. This unique meditation experience is more than just relaxation – it's a gateway to transformation and manifestation, designed to resonate with the souls of Empaths and Lightworkers.

Why Choose the 1/11 Portal Meditation?

**Emotional and Spiritual Healing:** 

     Designed to soothe your empathic nature while strengthening your spiritual core.
**Enhanced Intuition:** 

    Tap into your inner wisdom and amplify your intuitive powers.
**Powerful Manifestation:**

    Use the energies of the 1/11 portal to bring your written intentions to life.
**Celestial Guidance:**

   Connect with angelic beings for support and guidance in your spiritual journey.
**Peaceful and Grounding:** 

    Experience tranquility in a guided, serene garden setting, perfect for Empaths seeking solace.

Your Path to Transformation and how it works:

1.   Write Your Intentions:  Begin by writing down up to three desires on a piece of paper.
2.   Enter the Garden:  Journey through a tranquil garden to ground your energy and prepare your spirit.
3.   Step Through the Portal:   With your intentions in hand, move through the 1/11 portal and into a realm of higher consciousness.
4.   Angelic Collaboration:   Surrender your written intentions to the angels, allowing them to spread your desires across the higher dimensions.

For a limited time, embark on this transformative journey for just $11.

Not only is it the 1/11 Portal but we have the supportive energies of the New Moon.  It's an extra boost to your manifesting desires. 

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Hear from Our Community:

"I always look forward to Dr Katana's meditations. She is able to transport me to the Divine realm for an incredible connection.  Her relaxing voice and guidance always leads me to connect and communicate with my angelic team." ~  Jennifer

"I'm not the best at meditation and I struggle with my connection.  And if I do, then I doubt myself if it's really them.  It's a horrible cycle of self doubt. But when I do these meditations, (and I don't know how she does it), Dr Katana is able to take me to my guides where I feel confident it's them and feel an incredible connection that I cannot describe. But I know I'm safe, it's them, and I am being divinely guided." ~ Marcy

Don't miss this opportunity to align with the universal energy of the 1/11 portal.

Embrace the chance to deepen your connection, heal your soul, and manifest your dreams.

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