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Need some help with your ascension journey? We teamed up with ARTISAN ANGELS, and are offering some amazing and beautiful ANGEL BOXES. It’s perfect for connecting with the Angels, for helping you to heal yourself, for grounding and clearing your Aura.

Each box has been handcrafted with love, and all crystals have been individually blessed!

Perfect as a gift or for yourself!

Hello Angel Box

Hello Angel Box

What’s inside? This is a great starter kit for all who would like to start their Ascension Journey. This is an adorable way to connect and align yourself with the Divine! Start with 4 amazing crystals to help connect and cleanse your aura (comes with cards to explain each crystal). Learn to use a smudge stick! We got you covered with this South American Palo Santo stick infused with the energy of a Selenite crystal. Of course, you can’t forget the starter pendulum tool which is used for spiritual healing and inner growth! Now you are ready to say “Hello” to your Angelic Guides! Powerful!$ 22.00

plus $10.00 flat rate shipping and handling fee

Serenity Meditation Box

What’s inside? To help with your meditation, this box includes 2 larger Meditation Palm Gemstones, 3 specific crystals made for deepening your meditation experience. Clear your space with this stunning Palo Santo Smudge Stick which is energetically charged with a powerful Selenite wand. Meditation Candle with embedded crystals and infused with essential oils, and one small angel charm. Enchanting!$ 33.00

plus $10.00 flat rate shipping and handling fee

Divine Grounding & Protection Box

What’s inside? Perfect kit to help you ground to Mother Earth and protect yourself from negativity. Comes with 4 specific crystals to protect and neutralize negative energies, Palo Santo Smudge Stick infused with the energy of a Selenite crystal, a small candle with essential oils, beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, and one special angel gift. Comes with “How to Smudge” Guide, a Grounding and Protection Mantra plus the Bubble of Protection Prayer. Serenity at its best!$ 33.00plus $10.00 flat rate shipping and handling fee

Angelic Chakra Clearing Box

What’s inside? Wear this stunning hand-crafted with love BRACELET with Chakra gems while clearing your energetic field. To cleanse your energetic field or aura, use these 4 specific crystals to balance out your chakras. This kit also includes a bundle of Native American Sage and small smudge shell, and a traditional White Feather wand. Chant this Chakra Cleansing Mantra for deeper effectiveness. To feel more aligned with your angelic team hold your small angel charm in your hand. Heavenly!$ 33.00plus $10.00 flat rate shipping and handling feeAngel Box Healing

Crystal Soulful Healing Box

What’s inside? Everything you need to find balance, serenity, peace and healing in one box. You will receive 4 crystals from this pool of healing gems: TheClearQuartz, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Citrine, Turquoise, Tiger Eye, Amethyst or Jasper. We will be divinely guided to give you the best 4 healing gems for you! Also, we added a gorgeous bracelet for you to wear while healing. This bracelet is hand-crafted with love and infused with Archangel Raphael’s blessings. Includes Palo Santo wand with Selenite for cleansing, We provided you with a divinely guided Angelic Healing Prayer so your angels can come and assist you.  Cleansing Mantra, and small angel charm. Peaceful!$ 33.00plus $10.00 flat rate shipping and handling fee

Connecting with Angels Box

What’s inside? Angel Feather, small bag of 4 Crystals w/cards to help you connect with your Angelic Guides. Clear your energetic field with Palo Santo Smudge Stick which is energetically charged with a powerful Selenite wand. Meditation Candle infused with essential oils and rose petals. Beautiful hand-crafted Aura Bracelet, gorgeous crystal point Pendulum, Angel Journal, and one Angelic Charm. Delightful!$ 44.00plus $10.00 flat rate shipping and handling fee

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