Spiritual Ascension – Journey to Higher Consciousness

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Are you ready to move to the next dimension of your life? Have you ever heard the term “higher consciousness” before?

Reaching a higher consciousness IS spiritual awakening—also known as spiritual ascension—and it’s a natural step in our soul’s evolution.

Many people call it an upgrade, such as going from YOU 1.0 to YOU 2.0.

Some people experience a pivotal aha moment and feel more alive than before.

Others feel like they have just awakened from a dream and are searching for something more meaningful but cannot put their finger on what it could be.

In the dictionary, ascension is defined as “to climb, to rise, to soar, to ascend.”

Spiritual ascension refers to our spirit climbing in frequency, moving to a higher consciousness

The Path to Higher Consciousness

The journey to higher consciousness involves becoming more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

It requires seeing the world through others’ eyes, understanding different perspectives, and letting go of things that no longer serve you.

This path is a fundamental part of the spiritual ascension journey.

When you move to a new dimension of life, you must leave behind the things that hold you back.

Surprisingly, many things keeping you stuck in lower dimensions are actually hindering your progress.

13 Steps to Spiritual Ascension

According to my angelic guides from the Council of Light, these 13 steps are essential for moving into a higher consciousness level—a more heartfelt way of living.

Ready? Here we go…

    1. Understand Your Divine Blueprint: Your divine blueprint is the foundation of your spiritual journey. Learn about your soul’s journey, soul groups, missions, and why you chose to come to Earth.
    2. Establish an Energetic Connection: Connect energetically with both Mother Earth and the Infinite Creator (God, Source, Universe, or any label you prefer). This connection helps you tap into universal wisdom.
    3. Grounding is Essential: Grounding is a fundamental practice in the spiritual ascension journey. It anchors you and stabilizes your energy.
    4. Protect Your Energy: Learn to shield yourself from unwanted energies around you. Protection is key to maintaining your vibrational integrity.
    5. Cleanse Your Chakras Regularly: Your chakras are open, but they might not be fully activated. Cleanse them often but do not force activation; they will activate naturally when you reach specific spiritual milestones.
    6. Release Unwanted Emotions: Let go of emotions that no longer serve you. This includes clearing both conscious and subconscious negative emotions that run your life in the background.
    7. Forgive and Let Go: Release hurtful emotions and forgive yourself and others. Negative emotions are low-vibrational and can hold you back.
    8. Raise Your Vibrations Daily: Increase your vibrations with music, frequencies, gratitude, or activities that excite and inspire you.
    9. Embrace Your Multi-Dimensional Self: Recognize that you are a multi-dimensional being of pure energy. Your thoughts, words, and actions create your reality.
    10. Understand Vibrations and Frequencies: Learn about vibrations, frequencies, timelines, dimensions, and interdimensional travel using your Merkaba.
    11. Recognize the Holographic Nature of Reality: Understand that everything in existence is holographic in nature.
    12. Acknowledge Our Oneness: Realize that we are all one, and you are love individualized. This is a profound truth that binds us all.
    13. Embrace Love and Light: Know that the journey isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to forgiveness, but remember, this is your personal journey.If you’re reading this, it means you are awakened, dearest One!  You’ve got this!

Embrace the Journey

The path to spiritual awakening and higher consciousness is unique for everyone.

Trust in your journey, embrace the process, and let your heart lead the way.

You are on a magnificent journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Enjoy your wonderful journey!

With love and light!


Spiritual ascension, also known as the spiritual awakening journey, is a non-linear process. You may move back and forth between different stages at various points in your life.

It is a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation.

The first step involves feeling restless and dissatisfied with the material world, while the second step brings a realization that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

The third step deepens your connection to the divine, and the fourth step can be a difficult but transformative period known as the “dark night of the soul.” Finally, the last step brings a deep sense of peace, clarity, and love for all beings.

Each stage of the spiritual ascension journey is an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Trust in the journey and have faith in the wisdom and guidance of the universe. Embrace the journey with an open mind and heart, becoming better people and making a difference in the world

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