A transformational guided meditation experience


Hello Beautiful Souls!

Want to take advantage of the Lionsgate Portal and New Moon manifesting energies?

This cosmic alignment is a once in a lifetime opportunity to maximize on manifesting power with a burst of drive and focused motivation. 

Who doesn't want that?!

This impactful guided meditation by Dr. Katana leads you to the Temple of Abundance that has all the different rooms of abundance that is included for a well rounded connection in your manifesting. 

Abundance does not only cover wealth. You want abundance when it comes to your health, your fortune, receiving wisdom and more. 

All you need to do is find a quiet place and sit back and relax. This 19-minute meditation takes you on an incredible journey. 

Allow Dr. Katana to safely guide you to the higher dimensions to claim what is rightfully yours. 

Take advantage of this portal and set in motion for all your dreams and desires to come into fruition. 

Even though, this portal peaks on Sunday, August 8th, it is still open until August 12th.

Do this meditation every day for a stronger and long lasting alignment. 


This Transformation Meditation  includes:

 > The Infinity Pillar of Light Grounding

 > The Power Shower of Light

 > The Temple of Abundance

 > The Library of Wisdom & Knowledge

 > The Fountain of Wellness

 > The Room of Wealth

 > The Fields of Luck and Good Fortune

>  Meet your Abundance Angels


You will have unlimited access to this amazing meditation until Aug 15th


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