Understanding the Impact of the Schumann Resonance

Schumann Resonance Graph

The Schumann Resonance, often described as the Earth’s heartbeat, is an electromagnetic phenomenon occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere.

This natural frequency pulsation, typically around 7.83 Hz, has been a constant companion to all life forms, acting as a protective layer generated by the Earth’s magnetic field.

This specific frequency is not just a random number; it holds significant importance in various fields, including brain wave entrainment.

Schumann Resonance and Brain Wave Entrainment

This specific frequency holds significant importance in various fields, including brain wave entrainment. It aligns closely with the low levels of alpha and the upper range of theta brain wave states in the human brain, suggesting a potential link between this natural frequency and our cognitive states.

In the realm of brain wave entrainment, 7.83 Hz is a potent frequency. Alpha brain waves are associated with relaxed, yet alert states, while theta waves are linked to deep meditation, creativity, and subconscious thinking.

This correlation suggests that the Schumann Resonance might influence or synchronize with these mental states, potentially affecting our mental processes and well-being.


The Unprecedented Spike in Frequency

The recorded spike in the Schumann Resonance on January 31, 2017, reaching frequencies of over 36 Hz, was unprecedented and far above the usual 7.83 Hz baseline.

This significant increase, from the usual 7.83 Hz to levels between 15-25 Hz observed in 2014, and then to over 36 Hz, indicates a substantial change in the Earth’s electromagnetic environment.

Such fluctuations might have various implications for life on Earth, particularly for human beings. Learn more about the scientific study of the Schumann Resonance.

Implications for Human Consciousness

Higher frequencies carry more complex and diverse information. This increase in the Schumann Resonance might influence human consciousness in several ways. It could lead to enhanced cognitive abilities, heightened awareness, or changes in emotional states.

All of this is part of the larger plan, the Ascension plan. We are in the midst of elevating our consciousness.

That being said, in order to reach higher consciousness, many will have Ascension symptoms.

And it could also result in increased stress or difficulties in mental concentration, as our brains attempt to adapt to these higher frequencies.

It’s like tuning a radio to a different frequency; the brain might need time to adjust to these new environmental conditions.

What to Do When the Schumann Resonance Spikes

When the Schumann Resonance spikes, it’s essential to stay grounded and balanced. Practices like meditation, spending time in nature, grounding exercises (like walking barefoot on the earth), and mindfulness can help in maintaining a harmonious state.

Additionally, being aware of your emotional and mental state during these times is crucial.

If you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it might be beneficial to engage in relaxing activities, seek social support, or even consult a healthcare professional for guidance.

And most of all, stay hydrated!

How to Read the Schumann Resonance

Understanding the Basics:

The Schumann Resonance is like the Earth’s heartbeat, but instead of beating like a heart, it sends out waves of energy. These waves are not something we can see or hear; they are part of what we call the Earth’s electromagnetic field. This field is like an invisible blanket that surrounds our planet.

Measuring the Invisible

To ‘read’ or measure the Schumann Resonance, scientists use special tools called magnetometers and spectrographs. Think of these tools as really sensitive ears that can ‘hear’ what’s happening in the Earth’s electromagnetic field.


Magnetometers are like compasses, but much more sensitive. They can detect very tiny changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. When the Schumann Resonance changes, these instruments pick up those changes.


Spectrographs are devices that help us see these invisible waves in a way we can understand. They take the waves and turn them into pictures or graphs. These graphs show different lines, each representing a different frequency of the Schumann Resonance.

Reading the Graphs

The graphs or pictures show wavy lines, and each line represents a different ‘note’ or frequency of the Earth’s heartbeat. The main line we often talk about is around 7.83 Hz, but there can be other lines too, showing higher or lower frequencies.

Understanding the Spikes

Sometimes, you might see a line spike up high on the graph. This means that at that moment, the frequency was much higher than usual. It’s as if the Earth’s heartbeat suddenly started beating faster.

Why It Matters

By reading these graphs, scientists can learn a lot about the Earth and how its electromagnetic field might affect us living on the planet. It’s like having a way to listen to the Earth and understand its changes.

Living Harmoniously with the Schumann Resonance

In summary, the Schumann Resonance is not just a mere frequency. It’s a fundamental part of our planet’s electromagnetic environment, potentially influencing our mental states and well-being.

Understanding its effects and learning how to maintain balance during its fluctuations is an essential aspect of living harmoniously on Earth.

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