What to Expect for 2022

2022 New Year

Let’s welcome 2022 with open arms.

A lot of optimistic, positive love that comes with this New Year.

Can you feel it?

There is definitely a high vibing buzz about it that gives us some hope for a brighter year.

Here is why it may feel that way…

Most of us know that words carry vibration. It can be felt physically, emotional or etherically depending on its context.

Based on Numerology, just like words, numbers also carry an impactful energy about them.

Numerology, the study of numbers, breaks down the vibrational output of numbers, individually and in sequences.

When using this methodology, a lot can be revealed about numbers and how they influence our mathematical reality.

Einstein and Tesla were masters at understanding how math was woven in our existence.


As we always say, numbers do not lie.


2022 is actually a “6” year for the Collective as we all share in this number year across the globe.

If you take the individual numbers and add them across:

2+ 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

What does this mean?

6 is a harmonious and loving number.

This vibration brings in a sense that things will begin to calm down, level out, and become more balanced.

Thank goodness – it’s about time!

Sometimes finding the middle ground comes from going through a lot of changes (2021).


Globally we share in this year’s frequency and will begin to shift us coming back together for the greater good.

With hope, the division that has been put in between us as citizens, States and countries will begin to lessen.


Not to mention that the 22 number in the year 2022 has a master vibrational boost.  So think big!

It is a year of making big goals and having success.

Look forward to not only flowing along feeling great, but also bringing in much deserve achievements.


How to maximize on this New Year energy.

To boost this yearly projection of the Collective embracing compassion and peace, it begins with each one of us individually.

We also need to do our part and open up our hearts.

Find the harmony in your daily lives, allowing the balance of your body, mind, and soul to become a priority.


This may mean setting up boundaries that are way overdue.  These boundaries are created with love (without guilt) to maintain your inner zen.

Some of your friends and family may not be too excited about that at first but it is important you stand your ground.

You need to stay focused and determined to make your goals come into fruition.



As each one of us contributes gratitude to our own reality of joy, it will ripple out to the bigger picture of a harmonious love for all.

Ultimately, that is what we truly want.


Let’s make 2022 the best year ever!


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